If you booked an early party, be careful not to party too hard the night before. Twirling around a pole or spinning in a hoop with a hangover is the opposite of fun.

Save the fancy pedicure for after your party because you may scratch and chip your toe nail polish on the floors while you are movin' and groovin'.

You WILL want to document your new skills and night out with the girls. Be sure to post your photos on Instagram & Facebook! Your instructor may even show you a few sultry poses to send to a significant other.

Want to dance to your favorite beats? Create a playlist for your party! You are welcome to bring your own music. We have a standard aux cable.

Our instructors work hard and often to ensure every party is accommodated and is having a good time. Gratuity is a great way to show your party instructor that you had a fabulous time; however it is not required. If you would like to tip an instructor, they can accept cash or venmo/cash app.

Have a special theme in mind for your party? Why not go all out! Have the girls wear or bring special outfits and make your party a unique experience. 

Be sure to show off your new moves at the bars & honky-tonks and tell all of your friends about Miss Fit Academy - Nashville's hottest party destination!