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Top Four Photo Editing Apps for Pole/Aerial Photos

We love seeing our students and party guests post shots of the perfect pose whether on the pole, in a hoop or wrapped up in a silk. We know other people do too! But how do you make your pictures stand out from the crowd? We're here to help! We've gathered a list of our top four photo editing apps. All of the apps mentioned in this post are available for iPhone and Android and they are FREE! Some may offer in-app purchases to enhance your experience with the app, but no purchase is required for basic use. From standard adjustment tools to transforming your photos into works of art, these apps cover it all! Each one is easy to use and offers you plenty of tools to create and reinvent content sure to catch everyone's eye! Take a look at our list of apps below!

1) VSCO- VSCO (pronounced visco) is an easy-to-use photo editing app that will help take your Instagram posts to the next level. This app offers your standard adjustment tools such as cropping, rotating, altering exposure, sharpening, etc. If you're familiar with Instagram editing, this is simply bumping that up a notch. With adjustable preset filters, you can alter your photos to fit your liking and to mimic that of classic professional photos and videos. In addition, VSCO allows you to shoot and share straight from the app. Available for Android and iPhone, it's extremely accessible. It's a one-stop-shop for basic photo editing.

VSCO logo

2) Snapseed- Snapseed is an all purpose editor that is just one step up from VSCO. Perfect for enhancements and corrections, it also comes with your standard adjustment tools as well as filters for one click fixes. In addition, Snapseed is equipped with a healing tool to remove unwanted objects in your photos like bags and water bottles in the background. You can add texture and effects to your pictures as well and text and frames to make them one of a kind!

Snapseed logo

3) Prisma- Prisma goes in a different direction than the apps already mentioned. With Prisma you can turn your photos into works of art in the styles of classic artists. With this feature, you'll stand out on social media amongst the hoards of "normal" photographs. The app uses artificial intelligence to break down your photo and transform it into something new and unique.

Prisma logo

Prisma App Edit

4) Split Pic- Split Pic is another app that allows you to have some fun with your photos. With this one, you can divide your camera into two, three or four sections and blend the images to create unique shots. Create shots that display movement and flow, or clone yourself for an interesting look at a photo.

Split pic logo

We can't wait to see what you create! Remember to always tag us on Instagram @MissFitAcademy and use the hashtag #MissFitAcademy! Thanks for reading!


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