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3 Life Changing Reasons You Should Hang Upside Down Today

Mental Health While the exact mechanism isn't totally understood small scale studies have found that inversions helped ease depression, decreased anger, anxiety, and stress when included in a regular yoga practice. Flying free upside down is relaxing and fun and offers a whole new perspective. Literal Brain Health If you like having a brain and want to keep it in optimal condition, then you should move it around regularly. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Beyond that, spending time upside down can improve focus and brain function thanks to all that oxygen-rich blood rushing to your noggin. More nutrients finding their way to the brain can even stave off dementia in old age. In fact, Dr. Robert Martin, author of Turning The Aging Process Upside Down, purports that inverting makes the brain operate 14% more accurately. Body Health, Just... All The Health, You Guys Muscle confusion is the secret to strength. When you don't have the ground to interact with anymore, your muscles are forced to rise to the occasion. Inverted crunches are especially appealing because your back has little to no pressure applied to it as you curl up and back down. You will easily feel the powerful effects with just one set of ten repetitions.

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