Miss Fit Academy is Nashville’s exclusive aerial boutique!

We specialize in public and private group classes. We are committed to providing a safe, classy and fun environment for all regardless of age, shape and size. Our diverse classes are known for being non-judgmental, comfortable and cater to the every-day, average woman - no experience or self-doubt necessary! It's a safe haven to dance, learn new things, exercise and enjoy your precious "me-time".

While other similar facilities offer confusing pricing models, sign-up fees and packages that can only be used for certain classes, we are proud to offer complete transparency and integrity with our pricing. Class tuition is so simple here. All of our prices are posted and every class is the same price - no hidden fees! We offer pay as you go options, in addition to memberships and class packages which can be purchased for greater savings so that you can come as often or as little as you like. Our current class schedule, details, policies and pricing are all posted on this website for easy and convenient access.

All of the staff and instructors at Miss Fit Academy are fun, down-to-earth women and men who have a love of dance and fitness. Each instructor is appropriately educated and trained in his/her area of dance or fitness and is responsible for upholding MFA's superior safety standards.

Our large, elegant facility was designed specifically for the ultimate aerial and pole dance experience. It is also conveniently located in downtown Nashville - just 1 mile from hotels, shopping, dining and Nashville's hottest nightlife.


As a small, local business, we understand the importance of supporting the local community.

Among the many organizations MFA has sponsored or contributed to are:

  • McGavock High School

  • Belcourt ND Festival

  • Alzheimer's Association

  • Community Self Defense

  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

  • Music City Burlesque

  • Jagged South: A Contemporary Dance Company

  • Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee

​We will consider all requests. We are especially driven to support Health, Arts, Culture and Humanities as these align with our mission as an organization. Email us at hello@MissFitAcademy.com

Big Impact, Small Footprint

As Miss Fit Academy continues to grow and make its mark on this planet, it is also striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are committed to making a difference and hope to set a positive example to others as well.

In order to reduce our foot print, we incorporate the following into our facility & processes:

  • We choose environmentally responsible materials, such as recycled flooring as well as flooring made from recycled materials.

  • We utilize efficient equipment including an efficient heating/cooling system, low flow water fixtures, energy-efficient LED lighting, lighting occupancy sensors, automation and timers that turn off lighting, thermostats and equipment when rooms are not being used.

  • We love our skylights, which create a healthier, more productive environment for occupants, and significantly reduce energy consumption.

  • Most of the decor in our facility was created from recycled and/or re-purposed materials, such as our champagne bottle wall sconces, chandeliers, wall art, and much more.

  • We recycle all glass and donate unwanted items directly to the homeless and charitable organizations

  • We utilize as much digital media and software as possible and use very minimal paper