Celebrating one's birthday is a special event that's meant to be shared with others. Let Miss Fit Academy be a part of your special day with a memorable experience that will have you dancing to the rhythm of life! Whether you're 18 and finally legal, 39 again or celebrating 60 we have a package perfect for your group. We offer private group lessons for every personality, from the ultra conservative to the wild at heart. You will learn from an elite instructor who is trained to make everyone feel comfortable. No prior experience needed for any class we offer.


We host private group lessons Monday thru Saturday and select Sundays. Our large, glamorous facility will accommodate up to 30 of your closest friends and is designed for the ultimate group experience. You invite your friends and we supply the props and equipment, top notch instruction, bumping sound system and lighting. Together we create an amazing experience of empowerment, fun and memories.

Choose from one of our two packages below or give us a call and we can help customize a special event for you. Our private group lessons are VERY popular and can book months in advance, especially Fridays and Saturdays. Please book as early as possible. Click the BOOK NOW button below to reserve your date, time and pay your $100 down payment or call (615) 891-3910.

The prices you see below include tax and are what you will actually pay - no hidden fees! We make it easy to celebrate.




Get your day started on the right note with a crash course at Miss Fit Academy. Stomp your boots, pop, lock and drop it or peel the layers off - we have you covered with one of our signature FUNdamental dance lessons. This package is great for groups who have limited time or are on a budget. 


Completely private lesson

One lesson of choice (options below)

Party games

Endless memories and photo opportunities

1 Hour (entry to exit)


Pole Dance

Exotic Chair

Booty Pop & Floorplay



Country Line

Aerial Silks


1 - 6 people ..... $300 Total (flat fee)

7 - 9 people ..... $325 Total (flat fee)

10+ people ... $35 Per Person

You only pay for the people who show up!

Price includes taxes.



Our most popular package! A truly memorable birthday with your closest friends should include a lot of fun and a little mischief. With two dance lessons of your choice, the variety will earn you high remarks from your birthday tribe as you all get into a little trouble...  #SQUADGOALS


Completely private lessons

TWO lessons of choice (options below)

Instant access to 30+ digital party games

Gift for the Birthday Babe

Stage names

Complimentary bottle of bubbly

Endless memories & photo opportunities

Free luggage storage (day of class)

2 Hours (entry to exit)


Pole Dance

Exotic Chair

Booty Pop & Floorplay



Country Line



1 - 6 people ...... $405 Total (flat fee)

7 - 9 people ...... $495 Total (flat fee)

10+ people .. $55 Per Person

You only pay for the people who show up!

Price includes taxes.



The traditions of a non-traditional night are brought to you Vegas style. What happens within our four sparkling walls stays here as an elite instructor guides you through a tantalizing pole dance routine that will leave you feeling your utmost sexy. You will learn 15 to 20 beginner moves using the pole and floor.​


Recommended Attire

tank top/t-shirt, shorts/leggings, barefoot




Rump shaking and hip rolling combined with sexy floor-play and feline-like movement for an erotic and unforgettable experience. This lesson incorporates booty bouncing and seductive moves that you probably didn't even know you could do! The moves the instructor teaches can be combined into a routine or can focus on your favorite parts. It will be tailored to your group’s skill and comfort level. 

Recommended Attire

tank top/t-shirt, shorts/leggings, barefoot



A white button down top can turn you from neat to naughty in a matter of seconds. Sparkle, strut, shimmy and shake as you strip off the layers... button by button and inch by inch! This charming and seductive striptease lesson will teach you a beginner level routine and help you discover your inner showgirl. Use your moves to tempt and tease a special someone or just for fun. Props may be provided to enhance your lesson.

Recommended Attire

button-down shirt/tank, leggings/shorts, barefoot



Want to learn something you can take home? Learn the art of exotic chair dance and flirt with your eyes, lips and hips. Use your new, flirty skills to impress your special someone or just for fun. We provide the chairs, music and everything you need to have a super fun time with your best friends.

Recommended Attire

tank top/t-shirt, leggings/shorts, barefoot



Put on your cutoff jeans and let your hair down! We are going to teach you a hot coyote-style bar dance that will have you running to the closest watering hole. During this lesson, your instructor will break down dance combinations specifically designed to be done atop your favorite bar - southern rock style! After your lesson you can show off your new, sassy moves at the honky-tonks downtown!

Recommended Attire

tank top/t-shirt, shorts/leggings, boots/barefoot



Grab those cowgirl boots and get ready to hit the dance floor! This energetic country line dance lesson will get your crew toe tappin' and boot scootin'. Instruction includes beginner, easy-to-follow moves so everybody can join in. Your instructor can teach a traditional line dance routine to a classic, country hit song or something a little more modern or both. Stop by Wild Horse Saloon after and show off your new moves!

Recommended Attire

 tank/t-shirt, shorts/leggings/jeans, boots/shoes



Aerial silks is a beautiful blend of acrobatics and performance art, and it isn't just for circus performers anymore. Now you have the opportunity to learn a new and challenging skill while having tons of fun! Instruction includes the fundamentals of aerial silks and learning to execute basic moves close to the ground. Rest assured, you will learn from a trained aerialist who can adapt moves to your athletic ability. 

Recommended Attire

tank top/t-shirt, leggings, barefoot



Don't stress over your headcount. We understand how difficult it is to know who is and isn't coming. We make this super easy! Just pay your down payment to secure your spot - your actual balance will be calculated when you arrive and according to how many people show up. All prices listed on our website are 100% accurate and include all taxes & fees.

Who Can Attend

You can invite all of your closest friends who are 18+ years old. Our vibe is feminine, but our facility is not gender-specific. Our services are available to all regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Spectators / Participation

Every person who enters the building is counted into the pricing, even if he/she does not participate or arrives late/leaves early. If you are pregnant or have an injury, please check with your doctor first before participating.


When to Book / Down Payment
Reservations are required and are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. We highly recommend booking your preferred date and time as soon as possible. Some weekends book up weeks or even months in advance. A $100 non-refundable down payment is required to secure your reservation. The down payment is applied to your package. It can be paid online or over the phone using a credit card.

Paying Your Balance
Your balance is calculated according to which package is booked and how many people actually attend. Your balance can be paid by cash or one credit card upon arrival. We can collect the balance from one person in your group. If paying by card, please bring the card with you so it can be scanned. If you do not bring the card or your group leaves the facility without paying, your balance will be charged to the card on file plus a 'card-not-present' fee ($3-$8 depending on the balance). If you would like to tip your instructor, you are welcome to do so; however, it is not required.

Rescheduling / Reservation Changes / Cancellation
Appointments can be rescheduled once if given a 10 day notice (subject to availability). If you would like to change your package or start time, please give us a call at least 10 days before your reservation and we will try our best to accommodate the change. If you cancel your appointment less than 72 hours before your scheduled appointment or do not show up, the remaining (minimum) package balance will be charged to the credit card on file. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

Arrival Time
Your entire group should arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow enough time for registration, payment and changing clothes (if needed). Do not be late - we are unable to delay appointments or add time.

Alcohol Consumption
We realize everyone is in a celebratory mood and we want you to have loads of fun; however, it is just too dangerous. If someone in your group arrives under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your group may be asked to leave without refund.

What to Wear
Pole / Chair / Booty: shorts/leggings, t-shirt/tank top, barefoot
Coyote: shorts/leggings, t-shirt/tank top, barefoot or boots
Striptease: button down, tank top/sports bra, barefoot
Aerial: leggings, t-shirt, barefoot

Country Line: leggings/shorts/jeans, t-shirt/tank, boots/gym shoes