The traditions of a non-traditional night are brought to you Vegas style. What happens within our four sparkling walls stays here as an elite instructor guides you through a tantalizing pole dance routine that will leave you feeling your utmost sexy. You will learn 15 to 20 beginner moves using the pole and floor.​


Recommended Attire: tank top/t-shirt, shorts/leggings, barefoot
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Want to learn something you can take home? Learn the art of exotic chair dance and flirt with your eyes, lips and hips. Use your new, flirty skills to impress your special someone or just for fun. We provide the chairs, music and everything you need to have a super fun time with your best friends.

Recommended Attire: tank top/t-shirt, leggings/shorts, barefoot
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Grab those cowgirl boots and get ready to hit the dance floor! This energetic country line dance lesson will get your party toe tappin' and boot scootin'. Instruction includes beginner, easy-to-follow moves so everybody can join in. Your instructor can teach a traditional line dance routine to a classic, country hit song or something a little more modern. Stop by Wild Horse Saloon after and show off your new moves!

Recommended Attire: tank/t-shirt, shorts/leggings/jeans, boots

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Sparkle, strut, shimmy and shake as you strip off the layers... button by button and inch by inch! This charming and seductive striptease lesson will teach you a beginner level choreographed routine and help you discover your inner showgirl. Use your moves to tempt and tease a special someone or just for fun. Props will be provided to enhance your lesson.

Recommended Attire: button-down shirt/tank, leggings/shorts, barefoot
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Put on your cutoff jeans and let your hair down! We are going to teach you a hot coyote-style bar dance that will have you running to the closest watering hole. During this lesson, your instructor will break down dance combinations specifically designed to be done atop your favorite bar - southern rock style! After your lesson you can show off your new, sassy moves at the honky-tonks downtown!

Recommended Attire: tank top/t-shirt, jean shorts/leggings, boots/barefoot
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Rump shaking and hip rolling combined with sexy floor-play and feline-like movement for an erotic and unforgettable experience. This lesson incorporates booty bouncing and seductive moves that you probably didn't even know you could do! The moves the instructor teaches can be combined into a routine or can focus on your favorite parts. It will be tailored to your group’s skill and comfort level. 

Recommended Attire: tank top/t-shirt, shorts/leggings, barefoot
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Aerial silks is a beautiful blend of acrobatics and performance art, and it isn't just for circus performers anymore. Now you have the opportunity to learn a new and challenging skill while having tons of fun! Instruction includes the fundamentals of aerial silks and learning to execute basic moves close to the ground. Rest assured, you will learn from a trained aerialist who can adapt moves to your athletic ability. 

Recommended Attire: tank top/t-shirt, leggings, barefoot
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Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra) is a fun circus apparatus that can make even a novice aerialist look like a pro. With the help of one of our professional aerialist instructors, you and your friends can have the most unique experience together, celebrating your special occasion or outing, upside down and twirling on a hoop up in the air! Our beautiful aerial facility is the ultimate playground for adults.

Recommended Attire: tank top/t-shirt, leggings, barefoot
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The perfect mix of fun, challenging and relaxing! Aerial Hammock combines Yoga, Pilates, flexibility, hammock tricks and meditation into one gravity defying experience. This lesson is suitable for any fitness or flexibility level and the limited class size will ensure you receive plenty of individual attention. 

Recommended Attire: t-shirt, leggings, barefoot
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