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How to Tie an Aerial Silk: Video Tutorials

Aerial rigging is the process of setting up your aerial equipment so that you can spread your theoretical wings and take flight. Many of our students have fallen so in love with aerial that they decide to take it outdoors or in their homes! As a disclaimer, we don't recommend or condone rigging any aerial equipment or using any equipment without prior knowledge and thorough practice in a guided environment i.e. with an instructor in a studio. For our students who have considered taking their love of flight outside of the studio, we've gathered some of our favorite videos to make the process easier and safer!

Woman holding aerial silk

Our first video comes from The Aerial Essentials. The tutorial begins with showing you how to rig with a small rope so that you can thoroughly understand the loop-de-loops that you'll execute to rig your silk properly!

Next, if you're a one-tissu kind of gal (or guy), this tutorial will help you safely tie your fabric to create a hammock. Work on your tricks or simply relax with some aerial yoga!


This next video comes from an aerialist who has a habit of rigging her fabric on the open seas (check her out at Have Wind, Will Travel on YouTube). In this particular video, she's left her sea legs behind and shown us how she rigs her silks around a sturdy tree for some outdoor aerial action. She lists her supplies in the comments so check that out as well!


Finally, almost as important as safely rigging your equipment, is properly storing your fabric. Aerial equipment is an investment in your art, and not a cheap one! This tutorial will show you how to braid your fabric for safekeeping. In studio, we braid from the bottom up using the same technique since we don't have the ability to lower our silks. Click this link for a thorough and easy-to-follow example to help you learn!

We hope these videos come into use in your daily life and in the studio. Practice safe silks, and always take care of your equipment! We'll see you in your next class!

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