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MUST-HAVE LIST We've all heard the most outrageous bachelorette party stories. The good, the bad, and even the embarrassingly hilarious. Whether it's the crazy late nights, club-hopping in heels, or extremely painful hangovers, we have compiled along with ideas for party favor packs! You and your I-Do crew will be so prepared and fabulously ready for all the incredible events of the evening with the bride!

Don't forget the party favors for your "I Do" crew! These don't have to be extravagant, but they should definitely be thoughtful! Some ideas may include, creating your own gift bag for each guest, mini-travel totes filled with gummies, candies, and mini liquor bottles.

DIY bachelorette favors, party ideas

Another option, is providing cute prizes (spa/make up gift cards etc.) to win throughout the night at each venue to keep them guessing. Eventually, end the night with a gift to the bride to remind her that you are all there, because of her. She will LOVE you! You don't have to spend much money, even a DIY crafty gift card goes a long way! Any way you can thank your guests for helping you create the perfect Bachelorette party for your bride to be!

hair ties bachelorette party favor

How adorable are these "to have and to hold" hair ties? Perfect for when the night calls for an emergency ponytail or headband, while rocking out to those new sexy moves you learned at Miss Fit Academy. This keeps your look fresh and still matching! Also, consider these cute custom nail polishes for your guests, nailed it! Just don't try to put it on while on the Party Barge.

nail polish for bachelorette party

Something to tie the evening together, would be a special memorable gift from the party guests to the bride. Here's one of our favorite ideas! All the guests kiss the miss goodbye!

kiss the miss idea

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