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8 Things To Do With An Old Yoga Mat

Yoga mats

If you're anything like us then you go through your share of yoga mats. If it's faded, stinky, worn to its last days or you just got a prettier one that you like better, you may still hate to completely part with your old pal. Even if you have to put your old yoga mat out of commission we have several options for you! Upcycling benefits you and the environment, so why not try out a couple of these mat upcycling hacks we provide below. 1) Donate it. In this case you ARE actually parting with your mat, but it's for a great cause! Homeless shelters use them for sleeping pads and animal shelters use them to line the crates for boarding. Give your local shelter a call and feel good knowing that you gave that old mat another chance to help someone else. 2) Cut it up! You can cut your mat up for MANY uses.

  • Slice up small circles with oversized cookie cutters to make grips for opening pesky jars.

  • Cut it in half to make a mat for cat/dog bowls to prevents slipping and sliding and to make spills easier to clean up.

  • Use that same cookie cutter trick to make outdoor coasters or furniture pads to keep the feet from scuffing the floor.

3) Puppy Protector: If you're transporting your little (or big) fur baby in the back seat, they may not be able to help the damage they do while bracing themselves and enjoying the ride. Cover your back seat with an old mat to prevent scuffs, scrapes and cuts in your seats!

4) DIY Shower Shoes! Now this one is a little crazy and a bit of work! We never would've thought of this! Luckily, the creative geniuses at Threadbanger did! Check out the video below for instructions, or read through it step by step here!

5) Wreak Havoc on Weeds: Place the mat over a section of your garden that's been overrun by weeds. The sun's heat will be sealed in by the mat and smother the weeds to death. 6) Safety MATters: Use your old mat as a non slip mat in your mudroom or your bathroom. If you want to go the extra mile and spruce it up with a new design. You can use vinyl stickers for a monogram, spray paint and stencils for a witty saying, or (for the extra crafty) freehand the Nashville skyline.

Koozie out of a yoga mat

7) Can Koozie:

Cut a strip of your old mat about 10 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Make sure you have a little alteration room - depending on the thickness of your mat. Connect the two ends and glue them together. After that dries, cut another strip to glue to the bottom to keep your can from falling out! One mat can make SEVERAL koozies - perfect for a party!

8) Bulletin Board: Put your mat up somewhere to display your favorite memories, keep shopping and to-do lists or to put up your schedule for the week. This is especially useful for upcycling thicker mats. Some straight pins and something to pin up.... that's all you need!

Let us know in the comments below if you made use of any of our upcycling hacks! Thanks for reading!


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