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Aerial Fitness Gift Guide 2016

The aerial arts are soaring in popularity in the fitness industry. Pole, silks, hoop and more are becoming well-known ways to get fit physically and, for some, emotionally. If you know someone who is passionate about pole or obsessed with silks, we have the perfect gift guide to help you make the most of gift giving this holiday season!

yoga mat set

8) Deluxe Exercise Mat: It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the aerial arts, or a seasoned pro. The need for a mat is always there. You may be thinking to yourself, "She/he already has a yoga mat." However, the saying is true that if we love something, we have to let it go. That applies to yoga mats as well. Give your loved one with gift of comfort (and a bit of an upgrade) with THIS bundle from It includes one ultra thick exercise mat with carrying strap, two yoga blocks (great for flexibility conditioning), one yoga mat towel and one hand towel. It's offered in a variety of colors, we're partial to purple of course, and is a no-fail gift for anyone at any level of the aerial lifestyle.

7) Rollers: No, not hot-rollers.... though that could come in handy for performances. What we suggest is a massage roller. Whether that comes in foam or stick form is up to you. Pole, silks and hoop classes are a ton of fun and wonderfully beneficial, but being in the studio numerous days in a week can take a toll on the muscles and joints. Rolling out each day helps release lactic acid, aids in muscle recovery, and helps increase mobility. Most fitness and aerial junkies have access to one at their gym or studio, but the convenience of having one at home is unbeatable! Check out these from and do your favorite aerialist a favor this holiday season! (Click photos to shop)

foam roller

plastic roller

massage balls

6) Tripod: We all love bragging about our accomplishments on social media. That means posting your perfectly flush split, a new trick on the pole or reaching new heights in the silks. In the spirit of creativity one may find themselves using mats, shoes, bags, etc. to stack their filming apparatus at the perfect height and angle. Give the gift of convenience with this Bower Xtreme Action Series Flex Tripod from Target! Now, the description says that it's made for use with a GoPro, but you can EASILY DIY an iPhone or Android friendly mount out of any tripod using the phone attachment from a selfie stick!

5) Pole/Aerial Journal: Journaling is a preferred method of keeping track of what a student is working on, what they've overcome and what they hope to achieve. This is a thoughtful, inexpensive gift that simply says, "I thought of you." If the aerial artist in your life isn't into journaling, they can display their passion while making their grocery list too! From right to left: (1) Aerial Silks journal from CafePress (2) Pole-r Bear journal from Artista Active Wear (3) Lyra journal from CafePress. Click photos to shop!

aerial journal

lyra journal

pole-ar bear notebook


4) SNACKS! Give the gift of GRAZE. Graze is an incredible company that offers better alternatives for your standard snack foods. Each recipe is specially crafted to taste amazing and offer nutritional benefits from vitamins and minerals to sources of protein. Graze's specialty is snacking on the go, so each snack is perfectly portioned to give you the nutrition you need and ultimate satisfaction.

monthly passes

Monthly subscriptions are available, but if you're looking to purchase Graze for a loved one, they offer gift vouchers that are perfect for the holidays! Each gift voucher is good to redeem either 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 50 Graze boxes. Once you've purchased the voucher all you have to do is print or email it to your recipient! Once they receive and redeem their voucher, the recipient gets to customize the boxes to their liking! Options, portions and pur nutrition make Graze an incredible gift for the aerial artist or pole fitness freak in your life! Fit fuel is fit food, and fit food is even better when it fits perfectly inside your gym bag!

girlie grip

3) Grip Aid: Grip aid, especially for those deep in the world of pole fitness, can be extremely useful. It's maybe not necessary 100% of the time, but it's definitely a product that artists don't know they need until they use it once! We sell all varieties of grip at at Miss Fit Academy including iTac (in jar and stick form) and Girlie Grip. Just stop by and pick some up! If you aren't sure which one would work best we're more than happy to help guide you in the right direction.

studio wraps

2) Studio Wraps: Practice makes perfect, but persistent practice can be painful! Protect those paws with these studio wraps from Nike! The Nike Studio Wrap 4 claims to help make the most of training normally done on bare feet. Of course, the website offers examples like yoga and pilates, but this applies to pole and aerial class as well. This training shoe offers the flexibilty and movement of bare feet, and support of a standard trainer. Straps across the top are breathable and secure for maximum comfort. In addition, the silicone grip across the bottom of the shoe provides traction on sweaty studio floors. Purchase your very own Studio Wrap 4s from Nike here!

miss fit academy

1) Studio Membership or Package: If you're in the Nashville area, Miss Fit Academy offers options for the brand new student or the seasoned pro. We have a variety of classes for ALL fitness and experience levels. Give the gift of a sexy, fit and fun new year with a membership or package to Miss Fit Academy! Check out our gift card options here! You can choose from a private lesson, a single class or purchase a New Student Special! Class tuition details can be found here! For questions about classes, how to sign up or guidance on your purchase give the studio a call at 615-891-3910. Any of us here at Miss Fit Academy would love to help you set up a new life for your loved one or as a gift to you from you!


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