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An interview with Erin - adventurist and aerialist

OK, so I LOVE Miss Fit Academy. It is literally the best place in the world with some amazingly talented instructors who are passionate about the many different classes that we offer. But guess who is equally as amazing as the fab instructors? Yes you guessed it, our students. Without our students we quite literally wouldn’t exist. Of course the best way to meet our students is to sign up for a class, by visiting; however in the meantime I’d like to introduce to you one of our dedicated, vivacious students, Erin.

Erin and climbing gear

Erin is 21 years young and has been attending classes at Miss Fit Academy since Spring 2015. Her favorite class right now is aerial silks because “it really gives me a challenge.” Have YOU been thinking about giving aerial silks a try? Erin offers the following advice to new students: ​Be patient because you are not always going to get a move on the first try. Also do not compare your journey to the journey of other students. Everyone is different. Personally, I am amazed when I see Erin in action as she appears fearless. Apparently she is no stranger to gravity either because she has been ROCK CLIMBING since she was in the 5th grade! The only thing I did in 5th grade was...well actually nothing, I skipped 5th grade ha ha. Erin noted that much of her upper body strength comes from rock climbing which is clearly an additional hobby that she enjoys so much so that she serves as Manager at “The Crag” which is ... you guessed it, a climbing gym located in Franklin, TN.

Erin taking a silks class

This year, her biggest challenge was performing silks on a professional level where she was the only aerialist featured for the ENTIRE show. Those are HUGE shoes to just be walking around in all willy nilly...especially if you don’t have much experience performing in front of large crowds. For those of you who missed it, you can check out her awesome opening act in Bunny's Comedy Circus below. Did you know that Erin can lick her elbow?!? And as amazing as that is that she also has no problem hanging her silks any and everywhere! I’ve seen this girl hang her silks above water from a bridge as well as hang from an abandoned gymnasium (talk about a risk taker!).

Don't freak out when you see her flying in strange places....being a rock climber apparently comes with the extra added benefit of knowing how to safely rig from a variety of places and equipment. What this also means is that you should NOT try these feats yourself - especially unattended and without experienced help. And if you want to meet this courageous woman in real life you can, of course, catch her at Miss Fit Academy - most likely in a silks class.


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