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Best Songs To Practice Your Body Waves

The body wave is a move we are all constantly working on, no matter your level of dance. There’s always room for improvement! And the more you do it, the better you’ll be. So here’s a bomb playlist of smooth songs to practice your body wave to! Do it in the car when a song comes on the radio, do it at home when you’re watching Netflix, do it at the grocery store or do it at work! Well, maybe keep it more appropriate at that last one. We don’t all work at a dance studio where that’s a normal thing to see.

Like any dance or movement, practice is essential. Take your time to become comfortable with each part of the body wave, and gradually increase the fluidity of the motion. With regular practice, you'll develop a graceful and mesmerizing body wave that adds a touch of elegance to your dance or performance.

We've compiles a list of our favorite body wave songs. here is your body rolling dance mix, songs rated in no particular order.

Click here to follow the full playlist on Spotify

Please Me - Cardi B & Bruno Mars

This song is just begging you to body roll! Literally!

Love in this Club - Usher & Young Jeezy

This early 2000s hit is just waiting for a sexy dance with some body waves.

Sex With Me - Rihanna

A song that can be heard at least once a week in a class at MFA!

Shot Clock - Ella Mai

The perfect beat from this amazing new artist for those slow transition dance moves.

Ride - Ciara

An oldie but a goodie. Check out the music video for ultimate body wave inspiration.

All Night - Beyonce

Okay, Lemonade is finally released on Spotify (it only took them three years) and Homecoming is out on Netflix! Body waves ALL NIGHT!

You - Jacquees

It’s smooth, sexy, and sultry -- the perfect ingredients to a better body wave.

Pony - Genuwine

I mean, duh.

LOYALTY - Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna

Could it get any better than RiRi and Kendrick?

Motivation - Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne

These lyrics are really encouraging you to roll your body!

That’s The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson

A real steamy tune by Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty).

Lingerie - Lizzo

Slip into something a little more comfortable and roll out those waves.

Hips Don’t Lie - Shakira

And neither do our body waves.

Shakira pole dancing hips don't lie music video

Alright, now we’ve given you the ultimate playlist to practice! Book yourself a practice session to start rolling it out or come to class to work it into a little choreography.


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