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Things to Do with an Old Champagne Bottle

Bottoms Up(cycle)! Creative Ways to Reuse a Champagne Bottle

After the weekend's over and the champagne's gone, we are left with the aftermath: more empty bubbly bottles than we know what to do with. Like us, you may be having your share of festivities this Summer from holiday bashes to pool parties. Rather than trashing all that glass or worrying about hauling your loot to recycling, put your crafting skills to the test and consider repurposing them in creative and practical ways. Home decor and holiday adornments can be easily crafted from leftover champagne and wine bottles. Here are some ideas to give new life to your champagne bottles.

Bottle planters


Use a champagne bottle as a planter for small plants or succulents. Cut the bottle in half, add drainage holes, fill with soil, and plant your greenery. You can decorate the bottle's exterior to match your decor. Tutorial: Succulent Planter

Candle Holders

Champagne bottles can be repurposed into chic candle holders. Cut the bottle to your desired height, and place a candle inside. For added safety and aesthetics, use a candle insert that fits snugly into the bottle's neck. Visit How I Get Rid Of's article on The Best Mosquito Candles for a detailed and comprehensive guide on the best mosquito candles. Tutorial: Citronella Candles

Bottle candles

Bird Feeder

Craft a bird feeder from a champagne bottle. Cut a small hole near the bottom of the bottle, attach a small dish or saucer to catch the birdseed, and hang the bottle in your garden. Birds will be attracted to the feeder and enjoy the seed. Tutorial: Bird Feeder


Create a unique lamp using a champagne bottle as the base. Purchase a lamp kit from a craft store, drill a hole near the bottom of the bottle for the cord, and assemble the lamp according to the kit instructions. Top it with a stylish lampshade to complete the look. Tutorial: Champagne Bottle Lamp

Home Décor

Incorporate champagne bottles into your home décor in various ways. Use them as bookends, centerpieces, or part of a decorative arrangement on a mantel or shelf. You can paint, etch, or adorn the bottles to match your style.

Wind Chimes

Create a beautiful wind chime using champagne bottles. Cut the bottles into various lengths, smooth the edges, and string them together with durable wire or fishing line. Hang the wind chime in a spot where it can catch the breeze and produce soothing sounds. Tutorial: Wind Chime

Reusing champagne bottles not only reduces waste but also allows you to add a touch of creativity and elegance to your home and garden. Whether you're crafting functional items or decorative pieces, there are countless ways to repurpose champagne bottles. So, the next time you celebrate with champagne, consider giving the bottle a second life with one of these inventive ideas.

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