Creative Ways To Use Your Flexibility

Flexibility is so important for your body, mind, and soul, but it also can be used for every day scenarios! Looking for a creative way to utilize your flexibility or maybe even some motivation to get your booty into Flex Education class? Here's some absolutely ridiculous and hilarious ways to show off your bendy side! So take a few notes on how to utilize these moves to your benefit and maybe you'll create some of your own!

Your favorite party game just got so much cooler, you bendy babe! #winning

Fresh air, Don't Care

Shaving legs has never been easier! All of those stretch classes make this tedious chore slightly more enjoyable.

Hard to reach places? Not for You! A seriously bendy babe can squeeze, climb and shimmy her way to that last bag of cat food.

Frequent flyer with not enough room? Practice your stretches and then consider these positions for your next flight!

Now this is how you get stuff done.... and bring all the boys to the yard!

Sexy, flexy smooches! What man wouldn't appreciate this impressionable gesture?

Sometimes your incredibly flexile body can be the reason you didn't get asked out and your less bendy friend did.

Frequent stretching can give you that competitive edge in almost any sport or activity, such as rock climbing.

Work can be tedious, in the office or at home, but switch it up and change positions to keep things interesting. Office job? I'm sure your boss will be happy to see you lengths you're willing to go to make them happy!

If not, try this little trick. Who knew being flexible could be so beneficial on the clock!?!

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