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Happy National Compliment Day!

Miss Fit Academy

January 24 is National Compliment Day. While it's easy to recognize the physical beauty of others, the currency of "looks" is not nearly as valuable as the fabric of a person. Miss Fit Academy is not just a hollow fitness studio where you come to sweat out that cookie from earlier. It's a family. Miss Fit Academy's family of students is formed by ladies from all backgrounds and all walks of life. These women are just as (if not more) beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. They work every day to better themselves through fitness, discipline and artistic expression.

It's too easy to recognize that someone curled their hair or nailed their cat eye. We must empower, encourage and engage with one another. This National Compliment day, let's focus on uplifting each other by recognizing how awesome our fellow ladies are from the inside out rather than the outside in.... but how? Don't worry, we've got you covered. ​

Empower [ em-pou-er ] (verb) : to enable; to give confidence to

  • "That outfit looks great on you! You look determined, in-charge and ready to kick some @$$!"

  • "Your sense of humor is incredible. We should do a GNO at open mic night!"

  • "The world needs more women like you."

  • "Your confidence is inspiring."

Pole doubles

Encourage [ en-kuhr-ij ] (verb) : to inspire with courage or spirit

  • "You make that *insert move here* look effortless!"

  • "I'm really inspired by how you aren't afraid of *insert thing here*!"

  • "I feel so inspired after taking class with you!"

  • "Your strength is incredible."

Engage [ en-geyj ] (verb) : to occupy the attention or efforts of

  • "Happiness looks gorgeous on you."

  • "You're definitely getting stronger."

  • "That looks awesome!"

These and so many other simple statements can mean so much to uplift someone else. Take some time out of your day to compliment a classmate, co-worker or instructor. Let's empower other women, and work together to create a happy and safe space for each other.


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