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Miss Fit Academy Student of the Month: June 2017

MFA Student of the Month

We're starting a little something new here on the Miss Fit Academy Blackboard! Our students tell us all the time how much they love Miss Fit Academy, and it's time that they know how much we appreciate them in return. Every month we'll be bringing you a behind the scenes look at one of our fabulous students. We'll ask them the questions we know you're wanting the answers to and get some advice for our Freshman students from the Upperclassmen. This month, we have sweet, sassy, sexy Brennen or, as the stage knows her: Kalamity Jane.

Pole stand

​What was your biggest fear when you started your journey at Miss Fit Academy? "My biggest fear when I started at MFA was simply dancing in front of people. I did not grow up with much of a dance background, but I have always loved music and found my own rhythm to it. I will forever be grateful for Alison Albri's pole 102 class for helping me overcome this fear. At the end of each of her classes all students would get the chance to be in the spotlight and show off the spins we learned that day. I would get so nervous and terrified! I pushed myself to get in that spotlight and man, the feel of accomplishment it gave me! It felt invigorating to have fun and become more confident and comfortable with my body. "

Pole Pose

What really kept you coming back? "Pole dancing has really been my main love at MFA. I absolutely love and enjoy all the aerial classes the studio has to offer, but for me, pole dancing speaks to my soul. I remember a viral video of a pro pole dancer came up on my Facebook page one day and this huge feeling of excitement came over me and I just knew right then and there I had to give it a try. I searched for Nashville pole dancing and MFA came up as the best choice and that's when my life changed in so many good ways."

Extended butterfly

What is your favorite thing about MFA? "My favorite thing about MFA is the amount of support and encouragement it gives you. It is not at all a competitive environment. It's a sanctuary for so many, I know it is for me. You will find peace, acceptance, and harmony within yourself here. It's a beautiful aerial and dance journey for everyone."

What is your favorite thing you've learned in the studio? "My most favorite thing that I have learned at MFA has been spin pole! Oh, how I love my "pole momma" Miss Tricksee! The first day I met and saw her flow and move so beautifully on the spin pole, I was completely captivated by the art of it. Even the most simple move on spin pole is so mesmerizing to watch. For me, it's the most natural way I can truly connect to a song and pour my heart and soul out through dancing on pole." How has your time at MFA affected your life? "Without a doubt, MFA has changed my life in so many ways. I love my body now, I am confident mentally and physically, I feel sexy and strong! I carry myself with confidence and assurance. The owner once told me, "never compare yourself to others, compare yourself to how far you have come". That statement hit home to me in so many ways. Your body is the only "car" you have in this thing called life and MFA taught me to love it, nourish it, and embrace it. MFA also taught me to always encourage and uplift others. There's a lot of power and healing in doing so that can touch somebody in so many ways. MFA is one big family that will welcome you with open arms."

​What is some advice you could offer to newcomers and potential new students? "Don't be afraid! If it's something that scares you, that's when you need to do it! The feeling of accomplishment you will have once you figure out it wasn't so bad after all is so rewarding."

You read it here, and we couldn't have said it better ourselves! Everyone starts from somewhere and blossoms into a beautiful butterfly (and then an extended butterfly.... #polehumor). Start your journey to a more fit, flirty and confident you at Miss Fit Academy today!


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