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One in Four Women....

.... and one in seven men are victims of domestic violence. October is domestic violence awareness month. Our goal at Miss Fit Academy is to make women feel strong, empowered and beautiful. So, this month we want everyone to join us in an effort to help women in our community who have found themselves in horrible situations feel loved and empowered like we do here. All month long we will be accepting myriad of items that are of immediate and desperate need. All of the items we collect will be donated to the YWCA women's shelter. Some examples of items to give include but are NOT LIMITED to the following:

  • Gently used and laundered clothing

  • Gently used and laundered full or twin bedding

  • Pillowcases

  • Fuzzy socks/comfort items

  • Slippers

  • Body Spray/Lotion/Shower Gel (no trial or travel size)

  • Nail Polish/Nail Polish Remover

  • Cotton Balls

  • Hair Care Products

  • Baby Wipes

  • etc. ​

If you'd like to contribute, there will be a donation box in the champagne lounge area of the studio. Anything and everything we can possibly do/give to make women feel beautiful, loved and empowered helps.

Donation Box

In addition, to show our support we will be running a social media campaign: "On Wednesdays We Wear Purple." Please participate with us and wear your brightest purple shirts, shorts, socks, shoes, etc. on each Wednesday throughout the month (and every day you choose). Post pictures of yourself and your friends in class at Miss Fit Academy, donating to women in need and supporting the need for domestic violence awareness. Use the hashtag #OnWednesdaysWeWearPurple and tag us @MissFitAcademy. Check out what we're doing my following our Instagram! If you'd like more information about how domestic violence affects women, children, families and the community please visit the NCADV and educate yourself so we can educate others together. and prevent further harm. We thank each and every one of you willing and able to help out with this donation drive. Everything we can do to improve the lives of women in the community is a step toward prevention. We love you all. Stay beautiful, and never forget that you always have the power to make a change.

Chalk board awareness

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