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Pain is so Close to Pleasure: Bruise Remedies

At Miss Fit Academy we work hard and play harder. However, it's not uncommon to experience some pain after all that pleasure. The passion we put into our playtime may leave us with pretty gnarly bruises, inflammation and soreness, but we are strong and empowered women. We won't let a little inconvenience like a bruise keep us from doing what we love.

First, we need to talk about what a bruise actually is. We all know it's a gross looking bluish-purplish and maybe greenish blemish that ruins the illusion of our gracefulness. In medical terms however, a bruise is a "contusion." They pop up as a result of trauma to an organ (your skin in this case) caused by excessive pressure or force. The tiny vessels under your skin are broken and the blood leaks, creating that cute little bruise. Other than the aesthetic effects, bruises may cause pain and there may be some inflammation soon after the occurrence of the injury.

Soothing Bruises in a bathtub

Bruise Remedies

We've compiled a list of some of the most effective remedies to reduce pain and swelling in your otherwise TOTALLY adorable pole kisses. (ha!) Check them out, try them out and let us know how they worked for you!

1. Elevation

The easiest way to help with inflammation is to prop up whatever extremity was damaged. If there's a particularly large amount of swelling, let's say in the elbow, you'll want to prop it up slightly past shoulder height until the swelling decreases a little. This is only recommended with said extremities, though. (legs, hands, arms, feet) This advice isn't safe for any inflammation in the chest or abdomen regions.

2. Ice

This is another common remedy for pain and swelling. Ice cools down the damaged vessels and helps control the blood flow, keeping your bruised area from being AS intense. A cooling gel, ice pack or even cold water bottle will do!

3. Heat

Yet another common solution for pain and swelling, applying moderate heat to the affected area will reduce the clot and slow down blood flow. If there is any swelling, heat and cold are best friends. We recommend alternating the two in 15-30 minute sessions with an ice pack and damp, heated cloth.

4. Vinegar

Using a vinegar solution will drive blood away from the damaged area. Create a solution by diluting vinegar with warm water (equal parts of each). Douse a wash cloth with the solution and cover the affected area.

5. Arnica

Though this remedy may not be popular to the common person, it's widely known to help with pain, swelling and bruising in the pole community. Arnica is a plant, indigenous to Europe and has long been used as a homeopathic remedy. It is extremely effective in curing bruises and will help immensely reduce pain and inflammation. Grab Arnica gel at your local drugstore and apply topically. However, be careful to avoid areas where the skin is broken!

6. Pineapple

Yes, you read that right! Pineapple includes an enzyme called bromelain with can reach damaged vessels to digest protein that causes inflammation. Taking a bromelain supplement can help to fade your bruise more quickly and reduce inflammation around your injury.

7. Chocolate

Saving the best (and weirdest) for last. Chocolate can help more than just your feelings after you've had a tough day in the studio. Cocoa contains bio active compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. It can also actually be extremely good for the skin! If you're feeling adventurous and have a particularly gnarly bruise you can create a "Hot Chocolate Pack." Melt 100% dark chocolate just to the point of "spreadable-goopiness." Of course if it's too hot, you'll burn your skin and cause more harm than good. Pack your snack over the affected area rather than in a lunch box and wrap tightly with a bandage. Let dry!

We hope these tips and tricks help you heal more quickly the next time you're sprinkled with pole kisses. Try them out, and let us know if you have any time-proven bruise remedies in the comments below!


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