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hungover dehydrated party girl

You know when you wake up and the thought of moving makes you gag? We’ve all had this kind of morning - where every sound is screaming in your ears, and you just have NO TIME to deal with the consequences from last night.


We have the ultimate hang-over solution, so you can get back to hanging out at all your extracurricular activities.

SOS Rehydration drink

SOS HYDRATION is an all natural re-hydration drink mix! It is the fastest leading absorption rate and has 2X the electrolytes of Nuun, 3X the electrolytes of other traditional sports drinks, and 10X the electrolytes of coconut water/other functional waters!

Not to mention, it’s extremely delicious with no awful after taste. They offer mango, coconut and other flavors.

Every gal should keep an SOS in her purse!

Hangovers lead to missing work and poor job performance, which according to a study in the Journal Annals of Internal Medicine, causes an average annual cost of $2000 per working adult, that's an expensive bad habit!

Smoking can make hangovers WORSE, and could even entice you to drink more than you usually would, especially in social situations.

We can thank the byproducts of fermentation that get metabolized into formaldehyde inside our bodies, which can contribute to our painful misery during the morning, yuck!

Miss Fit Academy offers several hangover options to help prepare you for your night on the town. Be sure to hit us up before you hit the floor!


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