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Strong Women, Strong Bodies, Strong Minds

It's that time of year again when we all start thinking about our resolutions. The "New Year, New Me" phenomenon is a powerful thing. Our resolution this year at Miss Fit Academy is to help you stick to yours! We offer a variety of classes for all fitness and comfort levels. And of course, we truly believe that health at any and every size, age and fitness level is achievable and enjoyable. Don't believe us? Check out these stories of powerful women, all at different stages in life and how they succeeded, excelled and overcame.

The Path to Loving Yourself

Roslyn Mays

Though Roslyn is a pro at teaching others to embrace their sultry side and exude self-confidence, she hasn't always seen the same trait in herself. She has come a long way throughout her journey gaining strength, confidence and creating a career that paves the way for others who struggle with their own body insecurities. Meet Roslyn Mays (right). She is an NASM certified pole athlete and self proclaimed diva. Of her many contributions throughout her career, the greatest in our opinion is the creation of Dangerous Curves: A Celebration of Plus Size Pole Dancers. Since 2012 Dangerous Curves has been a testament to how community, confidence and a little bit of courage can bring light to the lives of those struggling with confidence and insecurities. Seven shows and countless performances later, lives have undoubtedly been changed for the better. She also holds pole workshops that focus on building that sexy self-confidence. During the workshops, students work on eye-contact, working with tempo changes and personal style. When you think of pole dance, what pops into your mind? Do you think of seedy, dimply lit night clubs? Scantily clad women? Dollar bills and bottom shelf liquor? We're here to sway those opinions (except maybe the scantily clad part) and show you what a positive experience pole dance can be!

Check out Roslyn for the smallest glimpse into what pole does to the soul. You can see the passion in her eyes and confidence from her nose to her toes. Of course, a good song can do that to anyone! If that tickles your fancy, read more about Roz on her website! At Miss Fit Academy, we want to instill those same feelings in women of all ages, sizes, etc. No one and nothing should stand in the way of you loving yourself. If you're looking to boost your confidence, build strength and befriend a community of lovely ladies just like you, join us in the new year. It's never too late to begin your journey to loving YOU.

The Path to Living for Another

On Dec. 2 Zsuzsi Hussla gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Athena. She weighed six pounds, three ounces. This sounds like your average birth announcement until you hear how Zsuzsi maintained her fitness regimen throughout pregnancy.

Zsuzsi Hussla

Even through the beginning of her third trimester nothing really set Zsuzsi apart from any other pole student (except of course her growing baby bump). She climbed, spun and worked the floor up through the eighth month of her pregnancy. Just like any other pole dancer, her workouts built and maintained her core and upper body strength, but Zsuzsi found ways to make her beloved fitness regimen work for her constantly changing body. In an article from the Sacramento Bee, she talks about maintaining her normal fitness routine which included yoga, walking and her regular trips to the pole studio. As her pregnancy progressed she developed a technique that she refers to as "birth dancing," which she credits for relatively easy labor. This technique includes flowing through deep squats, hip-opening movements, increasing flexibility and maintaining core strength. While we encourage speaking with a doctor before taking on something as strenuous as pole dancing during pregnancy, this is no doubt an inspiring story. This is the tale of a strong bodied and strong minded woman. Get started at Miss Fit Academy today! You never know how pole dancing may help you in the future! Read the full article about Zsuzsi here!

The Path to Finding Yourself

"Kerry Derham had hit rock bottom. After an abusive relationship ended in her early twenties, Kerry, who is now 31, gained 50 pounds from trying to comfort eat her pain away." In an article about her hardships, Kerry tells Redbook Magazine about how she went from being entirely defeated to conquering her own life. Weight gain, financial struggles and internal turmoil brought her down.... down to attempting suicide. After her brush with death, Kerry visited a doctor whom immediately prescribed her anti-depressants. Kerry had already fought and won a battle with cervical cancer, and knew that she was strong enough to beat this on her own too. "I didn't survive cancer to give up on myself a few years later," Kerry said. Instead of medicating in the traditional sense, she decided to find a new passion to boost her mental and physical health, hence she found pole.

Kerry Derham

Like many women, Kerry says she looked in the mirror one day and just didn't like what she saw anymore. She decided to make a change. After stumbling upon the idea of pole fitness through word-of-mouth and TV commercials Kerry took her first class and was absolutely hooked. Since beginning her fitness journey Kerry has lost 70 pounds and 6 dress sizes. "Pole dancing saved my life. It makes you feel empowered and sexy and gives you such a sense of being," she said. She was so in love with the sport and what it did for her both physically and mentally that she opened her own pole studio in the UK. Kerry, like so many women, has a troubled past full of bumps in the road and downfalls bigger than most could imagine. In pole fitness she didn't just find her abs, but her emotional stability, a community and a dream career. It's never too late to get started. Sign up for your first, fifteenth or fiftieth class at Miss Fit Academy today and find yourself traveling the path to a better you!


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