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The Dramatic Origin Story of Toots

Toots when she first arrived

Gather around loved ones and let us weave you the tale of how we came to know our beloved mascot Toots. She is a black, muscular pit bull with the heart of angel food cake! We first discovered her running down the middle of Shelby Avenue, dragging behind her a chain padlocked around her neck. The frayed wires on the end whipping like a metal scorpions tail. She was timid, but friendly. First thing, her sorry excuse for a leash had to go. Next- food, water, lots of love. While we searched for a new home for her she adopted us and it became apparent where her forever home truly was.

It also came to our attention that poor Toots had heart worms. She endured the months-long treatment with dignity, resting on her bed behind the desk and at home. She lost her hearing to the regimen, but it does not slow her down. She's a fighter. Today she's frequently seen with painted toenails and a smile on her face for every guest she meets. She has a new collar, but she is, now and forever, free from her chains.

Toots now


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