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The MOH's Guide to Miss Fit Academy

From Miss to Mrs

Maybe she's been your friend since childhood. Maybe she's your sister. Maybe you met her in college and created a bond for life. Either way, her guy popped the question and now she's asked you to stand by her side on her big day. You're the Maid of Honor. Now what? There are some duties and responsibilities that may slip through the cracks if this is a role you've never played before. MOH is part therapist, part partly planner and part workhorse. We're here to help you take care of part two: The role of Party Planner. Luckily for you, Miss Fit Academy is here to handle set up, take down and even refreshments if that suits your fancy. If you follow the step below, you're sure to achieve the PERFECT party to make your bachelorette weekend one that the other bridesmaids will be gushing over forever.

Step One: Get to Know Your Ladies

Miss Fit Academy has a variety of party options to suit all groups! If your group is all about sex appeal and sass, we can help you shine! More conservative? No worries! We have options that will keep everyone comfortable while showing them an unforgettable good time. Somewhere in between? We can definitely accommodate any situation. If you're unsure where your group falls take our Buzzfeed quiz! Answer just a few questions about your group to determine how your girls will get their Nashville on!

Step Two: Pick Your Party Package

champagne toast

Once you've decided how much your group can handle and of course taken into account what the bride would want you'll need to decide on a party package. We have several options to fit every budget and itinerary! ​You can find a full list of our party packages here! We know some groups come to Nashville and want to pack in all that Music City has to offer in just a couple of short days. For those groups we recommend a Crash Course or Pole Prep School package. One dance lesson will be topped off with a champagne toast and an exclusive appointment in our champagne lounge to relax and celebrate the bride.

Party Package

If you're wanting a some extra credit hours at Miss Fit Academy, try out MissChievous Degree or Studious Seduction package! Two dance lessons will have you feeling yourself and prepare the bride for the honeymoon. The MissChievous Degree will be topped off with a champagne toast and an appointment in our Champagne Lounge. The Studious Seduction package is the ultimate MFA experience. You'll have twice the time to relax in our lounge -- perfect time for games with the bride or a lingerie shower-- and you'll be treated with decadent cupcakes from Nashville Sweets, made fresh just for your party!

Step Three: Know Your Schedule

You'll of course want to coordinate with all of the members of the wedding party for the travel itinerary. We recommend calling at least 6 weeks out from your ideal date in order to get your preferred party day and time. Miss Fit Academy parties are coveted and we book up quickly. Don't miss your opportunity to celebrate with us, because we would hate missing the opportunity to party with you! Last minute celebration? Do give us a call. We can often accommodate depending on date, time and party type. If you're planning other festivities for your weekend, one of the great aspect of MFA is that we are only about a mile from downtown. A quick Lyft ride can take you wherever you need to go! We do book parties on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 9 am (CST). Kick off your day with a little sparkle and sass!

Step Four: Book Your Party

Once you've completed steps one through three, you're ready to book your bach bash! Many of our party options can be booked online! Check out this page to check out our FAQ and check our availability for whatever party has caught your eye!


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