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The Newest Bachelorette Roadtrip Essential

Put your Venmo on your Car!

You've seen it all over the internet and every Bach Blog known to man. Putting your Venmo on your car as you head to your party destination is our new favorite trend!

If you've been skeptical of doing it this is your sign! Putting your handle out there is the most effortless way to get the bride-to-be's drinks paid for during your wild weekend. It might feel weird at first but trust us, everyone does it and if they didn't they wish they had.

White Jeep with bachelorette venmo in bubble letters

Here are some tips to make the most of your Venmo!

Come up with something catchy and funny to put on there!!

If you can make someone laugh they're more likely to pay you!

Car window saying brides last rodeo

Make it Big, Bold, and Colorful!

Make it so big and beautiful that no one can look away from it! It'll be memorable!

Post a Picture on your Socials!

Your Friends, and Family are definitely going to want to get in on the fun, you just have to let them know!

Woman excitedly standing between two cars

By the end of the trip you'll be rolling in it, or you might just have a really big hangover.

At least it wasn't on your dime!


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