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The Perfect Pole Dancing Song For Your Mood

Music is as versatile as a persons mood. Loud music literally forces your brain to be happier. Add your favorite song/mood in the comments! Aggressive There are any number of metal songs that fit the bill, but for it to be danceable it can't just rage. A song should emote rage in 4/4 time to be of use. Otherwise, go nuts. Don't Feel Like Dancing Uptown Funk. There! Now you do feel like dancing. Sensual Sexual Healing. Down Music is best for you when it validates how you feel, so don't try to knock depression out with a happy song. Lean into something angsty and slow to help you move through your emotions. Turnt Turn Down For What. Always. ​Quagmire of Emotions Tool. When in doubt, Maynard is your savior.


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