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Top 5 Pole Shoes for 2017

We're proclaiming right here, right now that the Summer of 2017 will be the "Summer of Sexy." Get a head start on mastering the art of seduction in a pair of our top five sexy shoes for 2017! From beginner to the seasoned pro, Pleaser has something for everyone! Each pair of Pleaser shoes is specially made for optimum safety and premium sex appeal while dancing through your pole, chair or burlesque striptease lesson at Miss Fit Academy! Check them out below:

Glitter pleasers heel

Feel like the ultimate pole princess in these glitter platform Pleaser heels! This shoe, which features an ankle strap for optimum support, is perfect for a beginner in heels or for the seasoned professional! (Click photo to shop)

Glitter Pole Heels

Go from Girls' Night Out to a sexy night in with these iridescent rhinestone pumps from Pleaser! They're perfect for the pole or just the dancefloor. You'll glitter brighter than a disco ball! Warning: Don't wear these shoes if you want to blend in! (click photo to shop)

Pleaser Boots

If the look you're going for is dainty and demure, this is NOT the pair for you! These patent leather, thigh high boots from Pleaser were definitely made for dancin'! Command the room, the pole and maybe even our man while wearing these sexy shoes! (Click photo to shop)

Glitter Boots

Channel your inner Little Monster with these sparkly boots that the Mother Monster is sure to love! We're pretty sure We've seen Lady Gaga grace the stage in something similar before! (click photo to shop)

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ella harry
ella harry
Nov 18, 2020

I love to wear these kinds of shoes, these are looking so smart and pretty but it's hard to get these at a cheap rate, but luckily I got these kinds of shoes and all fashion accessories from because its a quite good place to buy anything, and buying from there I easily save amount too.

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