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Warming Up Your Muscles for Winter

Frost on a dandelion

The south has begun its annual cool down and whether you love or hate the cold, there’s no denying that waking up with tight muscles is a regular occurrence that can lead to trouble. In order to them happy and you pain-free; here are a few tips to warm them up for classes. Keep in mind that this is a very basic guideline. Always remember to properly warm up for your body and adjust this to suit you. Whether you’re coming to the studio for a class or free-style session, an easy way to get your muscles ready for the exercise is to blast your heat on the way (seat warmers are an added bonus if you have them available). If you have a few minutes before you need to head in, take the time to soak up that warmth before stepping into the cold. Head straight into your class to get the most benefit from your car warm up. If you’re headed in for recess or study hall, take a couple slow laps around the room before stretching. Arm circles and leg lifts, along with any other dynamic stretches, will help keep your muscles loose. Your warm up should last at least 15 minutes, and make sure to keep moving when you’re taking a break during training, such as jogging in place or jumping jacks. Save the static stretching until the end of your practice and take the opportunity to properly cool down to avoid the stiffness in the morning. Once again, only take this as a very basic guideline and if you have a typical warm up routine, extending by an extra five minutes can make all the difference in the world. Now, go have some aerial fun!


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