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What Does Your Silk Color Say About You?

Aerial silks splits

Aerial silks is a beautiful blend of acrobatics and performance art. It's an incredible workout that improves flexibility, strength and stamina in a creative environment. Music and style are big tells when it comes to a performer's personality, but did you know the color silk that appeals to you says something too? ​The colors that draw us in can show us and others small details about our personalities that we maybe didn't notice before. Keep reading to see how your mood may affect your color choice:

RED: Lovers of red tend to be demanding, passionate and daring. The art of aerial silks is perfect for this personality type. Silks requires attention and control. Gaining strength and ability requires a passion for the art and attention to detail. If you prefer to wrap yourself in a rich red silk, you're definitely in the right place. ORANGE: Orange enthusiasts aren't necessarily just overzealous University of Tennessee fans. Loving this vibrant color could signify your warmth, energy and confidence. Your personality lights up the room upon entrance and your classmates are inspired by your confidence with the silk. Engulfing yourself in an orange silk will leave you feeling energized and accomplished. KEEP AT IT! YELLOW: You may have been somewhat cautious the first time you stepped into the studio. However, you looked at your new challenge with a big sense of positivity and let your inner optimist take over. If you're into yellow performing, learning and improving gives you a sense of happiness and clarity. You're your class's little ray of sunshine! GREEN: For those who prefer a little bit of green in their life, wrapping up in that lime, kelly or emerald colored silk may be more about health, inner peace and personal growth than the art of performance. Your time in class makes you feel improved inside and out. That hour may be your zen moment at the end of the day. Silks are what keep you at ease and help you relieve all of the day's stress. Keep growing, you must. The green- at-heart are sometimes the strongest. (Get it? Like Yoda?.... just me? Ok. ) BLUE: Blue suede shoes come off, and into that royal silk you go. You never miss a class-- at least not without good reason-- and you know your body better than most. Your awareness allows you to progress through class at ease. Those overcome by the color blue are trustworthy, reliable and confident making them great students and performers. PURPLE: A passion for purple means you'll fit right in here at Miss Fit Academy. Purple signifies a vivid imagination, luxury and a protective spirit. All of these things live and breath in our Aerial Boutique setting. Creativity is a staple during our classes. We want everyone to feel as if they've belonged here their entire lives when they walk in the door. Those who choose a purple silk may feel similarly. In the studio they are creative and always wanting to expand their horizons of ability. Being wrapped in the silk may be a comfort and place of sheer joy. A protective nature means proceeding with caution, but confidence to push yourself forward. What silk color stands out to you? What color is your aura today?


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