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What is Latin Fusion?

Latin Fusion Dancer

Have you heard of the newest and hottest styles of dance to step on the scene in recent years? Latin Fusion is a relatively newer style of dance that is quickly gaining momentum as dancers and choreographers seek to break away from traditional constraints. Let’s dive a little deeper into this fun and fiery style of dance, shall we?

The origin and evolution of Latin Fusion dance was particularly prominent in urban settings and dance studios. Dancers with diverse backgrounds experimented with blending Latin moves with contemporary and other cultural styles. 

Award winning dancer and choreographer Lacey Schwimmer (well known from Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars) is a big proponent of melding dance styles such as Jazz or Hip Hop with traditional Latin styles in an effort to inject new life into the education side of the commercial dance world.

“...because these ideas, and this body action, and this movement goes so seamlessly with today’s…not only music… but every style and intention of dance.” ~Lacey Schwimmer

Latin dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Tango (to name a few), have roots in various countries, including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, and others. This beautiful cultural melting pot creates a giant playground for dancers and choreographers alike, blending various traditional Latin American dance styles with contemporary and global influences. It is a style that caters to the utmost beginner all the way to competitive dancers looking to add something to their dance skill arsenal. It can be a high-energy, low impact fitness alternative for anyone looking to inject a bit more spice into their fitness routine. 

More recently Latin Fusion can be found incorporated in various pole fitness studios. With the pole serving as one’s “partner”, students get to work on more intricate footwork than they would be able to by themselves. Latin Polesque creator Baila Jennie has been at the forefront of bringing this specialized style to mainstream pole fitness classes. Her fast feet and amazing rhythm makes you want to get up and shake those hips! 

Whether you are a beginner and looking to do something different from traditional dance, a seasoned pole fitness dancer looking to spice up your skill set, or just looking for a fun class to take alone or with a group of friends, there is something for everyone at Miss Fit Academy. Latin Fusion is a fun and sexy way to burn calories too!


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