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What's Your Burlesque Name?

Dita Von Teese

When choosing ANY stage name, originality is key! This is particularly important when choosing your seductive, sassy, burlesque name! As tempting as it can be, don't get caught copying off of one of the "it girls" of burlesque. Choose a name that is uniquely yours, and you'll easily shimmy your way through your stripdown studies!

​​Your burlesque name should embody your own brand of confidence and sex appeal. Whether it's physical, emotional or literal, your name should be uniquely YOU. Don't know where to start? We, along with The Dirty Blonde Diva, are here to help! We've done the legwork for you. Just choose one to three of the following, and combine! Play around with different options until you find one that speaks to your inner siren.

  • A Food: Cupcake, Chocolate, Ginger, Cheesecake, Candy, Lollipop, Peach, Pear. What's your guilty pleasure?

  • A Time of Day/Year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Autumn, Dusk, Eve, Holiday, etc.

  • A Dance: Tango, Salsa, Cha-Cha, Swing, Rumba, etc.

  • An Emotion: Cheer, Love, Danger, Shock, Melancholy. What inspires you to dance?

  • A Material: Velvet, Fur, Satin, Cotton (for our Southern girls!), Velour

  • A Flower or Plant: Rose, Holly, Iris, Fern, Blossom, etc.

  • Other: Paradise, Tropic, Dream, Vision, Beauty, Seduce/Seductress, etc.

  • A Place: Paris, London, Tokyo, Milan or your hometown!

  • An Animal: Cat, Peacock, Doe, Bird, or the name of your most beloved pet!

  • A Jewel: Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, or choose your birthstone!

  • A Weapon: Pistol, Machete, Whip, Blade, Magnum

  • A Drink: Champagne, Cocktail, Spritzer, Bourbon, Whiskey, Chardonnay, Absinthe, Vodka. What's your favorite liquid courage?

  • An Old Fashioned Name: Lucy, Sally, Trixie, Sue, Missy, Beatrice/Bea, Betty, Estelle, Rue, etc.

  • A Recognizable Word from Another Language: Bella, Amour, Du Jour, Muerte, Beso, Liebe, etc.

Burlesque striptease

So now you've picked a name that speaks to you and makes you feel like you can conquer the world (and maybe even your significant other!). What next? Put your new found persona to the test and join us for a lesson in the art of studious seduction! We offer Burlesque Striptease every Thursday at 7:30 pm! Shimmy, shake and slink your way through an hour of this sexy workout. Your instructor Drea has a Ph.D in Stripdown Studies (and yes, the "D" stands for demure). We can't wait to see you there!

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