What Not to Wear: MFA Edition

Miss Fit Academy will be taking special precautions from now on for the safety of all of our students, and to protect the equipment that we all love to play on. Coming to MFA is a release from the day to day hustle and bustle. This studio treats us well, so we should give it the same respect. You may have noticed recently that our staff and instructors are enforcing jewelry removal, being cautious of sharp objects on clothing, and even inspecting your manicure....

Scratches on a pole

Recently, we've noticed an influx of damage to our fabrics, poles, hoops, mats and even our floor. We all love this studio and we know you do too. Therefore, we will be strictly enforcing some pretty standard policies to protect our equipment. In addition, many of these policies will protect our students from unsafe practices. Something as simple as long manicure or a belly ring can inflict pretty severe pain and injury if something goes awry. In order to keep you and our beloved studio safe, we've got some guidelines to not only let you know what you shouldn't wear to class, but why!

No Rings

Can I wear my bling?

Though your rings are beautiful and your Fitbits are effective, we will not allow any metal (rings, bracelets, watches, etc.) on the hands inside the Aerial or Pole studios. This rule will also apply to long necklaces and earrings larger than a stud. Jewelry ruins our equipment and can lead to injury and/or irreparable damage. When poles and hoops get scratched they can slice open hands. Holes and runs in our fabrics lead to quicker deterioration and cause us to retire them sooner.

Scratches on a lyra

** Pro Tip: Ladies (and gentlemen) if you have a belly ring, keep it covered by a tight shirt or high waisted leggings. Tape will be available at the front desk if you need to secure it. The horror stories of it getting caught are true, and we don't want it to happen

to you!

To be safe, simply leave the jewelry at home, in your car, or place it in your bag upon entering Miss Fit Academy! Clean hands and arms are best practice for everything we do here. Prevent injury, breaking your nice things and destroying our equipment by keeping it simple!

What about my mani?

No stiletto nails

The stiletto nail trend is killing it on Instagram (#mani) however, it's also killing our silks. We won't be able to allow you to participate in any of our aerial classes if your claws have been sharpened.

Maybe square nails

Shorter square nails are an okay option. However, sharpened edges on your fresh manicure can still rip holes in our silks and cause irreparable damage. Those sharp edges can also cut into your hands just as severely (if not more so) than the stiletto style.

Yes oval nails

Keep them short and simple! Rounded tips and a little length will still look beautiful while remaining safe for your hands AND our equipment.

Can I pole in regular shoes?