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Furry Friends Do Fitness Too: Our Favorite Video Bombs

If you haven't had the chance to join us at Miss Fit Academy when our beloved mascot Toots is in the building, you may not know that the ladies of MFA are die-hard animal lovers. We're almost as passionate about aerial fitness as we are about taking care of our furry friends. While preparing this week's blog, we've found that the pets of the fitness world like to have their spotlight too! From pole to aerial to working on flexibility & balance, these pets have mastered it all! Check out some of our favorite videos of fur babies totally video bombing their humans:

Cat interrupts aerial yoga

Otherwise known as: "The perfect four-pawed spotting partner

Pole dance, move cat first

Cat nap meow, pole later

Cats and dogs interrupting yoga

Downward Facing Dog has reached a new extreme

Coolest cat in the house

This brings a whole new meaning to Pole Cat

Cats interrupting yoga

We don't own cats; cats own us.

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