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Everday I'm Bundlin': Fashion Finds

Your alarm goes off. You roll over; check the time; check the temperature. It's 40 or below. To those whose lives don't consist of sweltering summers and southern heat, this may not seem too dramatic. 'Round these parts, ice on the ground probably means we'd rather stay inside. Blustery winds and freezing temperatures make it harder than usual to climb out of bed and out of the cocoon of warm blankets that you've nestled into all night. However, the show must go on. We've got a few fashion finds to help keep that comfy, cozy feeling even on the way to the studio!

1) Sexy Sweats: Yeah you could grab your basic black hoodie, throw it on over your sports bra and head out the door.... or you could get "dirty." Of course, we're referring to this adorable throwback to one of the most iconic dance movies of all time! ​This is the one thing we can't get enough of! This comfy sweatshirt has a slashed shoulder for a touch of sexy, but all the warmth of your frumpiest pajamas. Throw this on before your next pole or aerial class as an alternative to the standard sweatshirt. Get your glisten on while warming up and looking hot all at the same time. Get this Dirty Dancing here! You never know.. this could be love.

2) Fleece Lined Leggings: Finding that your old faithful leggings are a little TOO breathable to stand up to winter winds? Opt for lightly fleece lined leggings before your next endeavor out into the chilly air. Grab the perfect pair here! The thin layer of fleece will keep you warm and protect those precious limbs from the elements, but you won't feel too bulky to take on your full range of motion in class!

3) Fancy Feet: Summer makes it easy.. You throw on your trusty sandals that hang out by the door, you grab your bag and you're on the way to your daily sweat-sesh at Miss Fit Academy. For the same convenience with a little more substance, go for a pair of booties with a little extra fluff. All of your little piggies will be nice and cozy in these options from Target (without taking all of your bacon from the bank!). Click the images to shop!

white, fuzzy slipper

black boot

4) PJ Party: If a cute sweatshirt doesn't suffice, zip up in your favorite onesie. It may seem silly at first, but the convenience is undeniable! If you're headed to pole class and those fleece lined leggings would just interfere, throw on your usual sassy pole threads, cover up with a onesie and you're out the door. Better yet, wearing a onesie is a totally fun way to express yourself! Buy one that's fiery red just like your passion for pole, or wear one covered in your favorite comic book character. It's all about what makes you, YOU. Get your very own here!

stirrup leg warmers

5) Fancy Feet: We don't just expect you to take your feet from the comfort of those furry boots to the cold floor! If you're suffering from cold feet (figuratively or literally) try these leg warmers from BeStickySocks! The knee-high, stirrup style will protect your bare feet and legs; and each sock has a motivational message across the toe to stomp out those fears and insecurities! Of course, the most important feature is the sticky aspect across the bottom, just like your favorite fuzzy socks. These are perfect for pole or aerial class during these cold winter months! Not into the stirrup style? Pick up a pair of purple leg warmers to sport your Miss Fit Academy pride the next time you're in the studio!

Keep warm and keep dancing! Until next week....


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