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Girlie Grip: The "Ultimate Pole Grip Solution"

Pole dance is on the rise in the fitness industry. Not only is it an effective confidence booster and a perfect solution to getting in touch with your own sensuality, but pole fitness offers an unexpected full body workout. Students who are avid about class attendance will begin to notice growing strength in their upper body and definition in their core. Here at Miss Fit Academy as you progress through the levels of our classes your abilities will shine as you get stronger. Just as weightlifters wear belts for stability, sometimes dancers need a little assistance too. You may have seen your instructor show off his/her flips and tricks and question how they maintain a strong grip throughout hours of practice. One solution? Girlie Grip. One of many fabulous things about Girlie Grip is that is was created by someone who knew what she needed to succeed at the art of pole dancing.

Sue Hooker, the creator of this industry-changing product has taught pole dancing for years. She noticed as she progressed in her dancing and teaching journey that she was experiencing a very common issue----getting a strong grip on the pole. This made it more difficult to execute higher level tricks. For some it may even pose difficulty in lower level classes after hours of practice, because let's face it, our hands get tired. Sue designed Girlie Grip after trying so many other products already out there. For her, they didn't seem to work as well as she desired. According to her statement on, "I tried different products made for Pole and Sports Grips, but they didn’t seem to last or help at all. If I did stick, I couldn’t spin. If I could spin, I had to re-apply after each trick. Many of my students had the same problems. My solution – I decided to come up with a better Pole Grip Solution that met every one of my needs!"

Some information from Girlie Grip:

  • Girlie Grip is the newest Pole Grip Solution to hit the industry in years.

  • A few drops are all you need for a firm, confident, long lasting non-slip grip.

  • You can stick a trick and still spin easily without re-applying.

  • Apply it to the pole or your body, wherever a firmer, stronger grip is needed.

  • Girlie Grip has a light fresh scent.

  • It’s non-drying, leaves no residue, and washes off with soap and water.

  • Girlie Grip is for Pole Dance, Pole Fitness and Pole Sport.

  • It can also be used for many sports where a firm, strong, confident non-slip grip is needed, including Golf, Gymnastics, Weight Lighting, Rock Climbing, Bowling and Rowing.

Get it at MFA

​The Girlie Grip solution is great for dancers of all levels. Your first class or your first big performance could benefit from using this awesome product.

If you're looking to test it out or purchase a bottle, visit the front desk at Miss Fit Academy. We have bottles available for just $13.95! Give it a try! We love this product and we KNOW you will too!


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