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We're almost through the first week of 2017. How many of us have made, broken and re-established our resolutions? See, the problem with making resolutions on your own is that you have no support, inspiration or accountability. Miss Fit Academy is a family of women just like you who are looking to change themselves every day for the better. Everyone has specific goals and dreams and everyone achieves those goals at their own pace. Our different walks of life make us more alike than you might think. If you've toyed around with the idea of taking your first class but are still skeptical; If you've never even considered that this flirty fitness program could be for you; If you took a class a while back and never made time to come back we welcome you with open arms. Need a little more convincing? Check this out!

New Student Special

New students can take advantage of our New Student Special. That's three classes for just $30! (half price of our single class price) Those classes can be used however you like. Take three of the same class or mix it up and really get the feel for what Miss Fit Academy has to offer. Purchase YOUR New Student Special today!

No Experience Needed

We recommend starting your aerial adventure with one of our beginner level classes. Even if you've never stepped foot in a pole or aerial studio before, we have wonderful instructors who create curriculums just for you! You don't need extreme flexibilty or She-Hulk like upper body strength to get started. All you need is a little bit of courage and to walk through the door.

Build Muscle and Confidence

Our classes will give you a full body workout that builds muscle, torches calories and proves just what your beautiful body can do. We see so many women start from nothing, then a few weeks, a couple of months or a year later they truly see improvement in performance, in their bodies and their self confidence. No matter what your goal is (lose weight, build muscle or just to learn something new) we're here for you to help you along your journey!


The women (and men) who spend their time at Miss Fit Academy can find more than just a boutique fitness experience. Though the classes bring students in the door, the family that they build here keeps them coming back. If you need encouragement, accountability or just for someone to ask how you've been, you can find that here. From member socials to in-class-bonding, Miss Fit Academy is about the friendships that extend outside of the studio.

Sign up for your first, fiftieth or hundred-and-fiftieth class today. We can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2017.

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In Downtown Nashville

just 1 mile from Broadway!




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